Can I Remove a Bad Business Review?

If someone writes a bad review about your business it hurts. It means someone is unhappy with your product or service, which is one thing, but now everyone else can see it when they search for your business online.

Many Australian review websites and directories hold a lot of authority in Google and they are very influential in people’s purchasing decisions. A bad business review really damages your credibility.

So can you remove a bad review?

The simple answer is no. You can contact the review website but they won’t remove a review because you don’t like it. Or you could contact the person who wrote it, but we always suggest that you don’t fan the flames. You don’t want to make it worse!

So what do you do? You need to get serious and get online reputation management.

This allows you to replace the negative reviews with positive information and social profiles, additional websites and directories which push the negative reviews down and hide them.

Don’t let a bad business review take your business down! Contact us now…