Review Websites

If you have found negative reviews on a busines review website like Yelp, True Local, or Google Places you will know that these bad reviews appear on the first page of search engines when people look for you. They rank so high because these are well respected websites with a lot of authority. When potential customers read a bad review about you they will generally accept that point of view and decide to choose a competitor with a better reputation.

Review Websites have increased in popularity in recent years because more and more people research companies before they do business with them. The problem for business owners is that very few people who have a good experience decide to go to a review website and give you glowing recommendations. This gives the wrong impression when the only reviews they find about you are poor.

How Do I Remove Bad Reviews From These Sites?

So what do you do? Removing a bad review from the website is a very difficult process and in most cases they will not remove them at all. They will not remove a review just because you don’t like it, and neither will the person that wrote it. This leaves you with nowhere else to turn to, and every time people search for you they will see it… But this is where reputation management comes in.

With reputation management you get to control what people see when they search for you. We create websites, blogs, articles, social media profiles and reviews which we link together to create a network of positive information about you. We then optimise this network to rank at the top of Google for your business. So when people search for you, instead of reading bad reviews or negative feedback, they see result after result of positive information. We also add contact forms and phone numbers to all of your sites, so when people click on any result they also have the ability to get in touch and become a customer.

We turn a negative into a positive. If you have negative reviews that you would like hidden contact us now for a free quote!