Bad Reviews Damage Your Image!

bad-reviews-removalHaving a bad review can take your successful business and dump it in the dirt. Nobody wants to read bad reviews about their business but this is becoming a very real threat to online success. Many businesses which have enjoyed a good image and happy customers for years can fall victim to bad press in a review websites, negative feedback on a forum or even their social media page.

But if you are looking to remove bad reviews from view and reboot your online image then you can contact us for a free quote. We manage your online reputation by creating a network of positive information about you. We give you positive reviews, write articles about your company, create social media profiles and new websites  that are packed with helpful and positive content!

When people search for you online instead of reading negative reviews, people will only see result after result of great things about you! Imagine how much extra business you can get when you dominate the whole of the first page of search results…


Want to Get rid of a bad review?


So many companies nowadays fall victim to negative reviews. With the popularity of review websites, and how easy it is to get a complaint submitted, businesses everywhere are having their online reputation damaged by reviews which are not necessarily even valid.

You may have attempted to get the bad review removed by the website, but they are very rarely removed for obvious reasons. The only way to hide them from view is with reputation management. This allows companies to protect their online image and take back control of their identity.

Reputation management allows you to have full control of every result on the first page of Google and other search engines when people search for you online. If you want to remove bad reviews that are damaging your online image contact us today for a free quote…


Remove Bad Business Reviews



Have you got bad business reviews that you want to remove from view? When people search for you if they find bad reviews they will most likely take their business elsewhere, and this can seriously damage your reputation and profits!

    Remove Bad Reviews!

We can remove bad reviews from sight. We do this by managing your online reputation, and creating websites, social profiles and reviews about you. We create so much positive content and fill all of these profiles with helpful information. We then optimise this network of websites, positive business reviews and social media profiles so that when people search for you, they only find the good things.

No more bad business reviews!

We also register on review websites and write good reviews about your company. This way they won’t read bad review after bad review while we are optimising the network to outrank the offending sites. Business review websites are becoming increasingly popular as many people want to share their experience online. These review websites rank very high in search engines so we dilute the negativity and then replace it with positive.

When people search for you they will find the websites, social profiles and positive reviews that we create, so they will give you their business instead of going elsewhere.

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Correcting Negative Reviews Online

If you Google your business name and find that someone has left a negative review of your services or product, you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

its perfectly naturally to want to respond, get angry, get even and you want it removed straight away. unfortunately this isn’t the way things work. the author of the negative review will not delete it, and the website that it is posted on will not remove it either.

But don’t worry, you can remove negative business reviews from sight!

Katy-perry-brand-imageWriting a heated reply to a negative review might be your first reaction, but even though you might think it will help, 99 times out of 100 it is the wrong move and it can make thinks much much worse.

Google and other search engines have a long memory and it is their job to rank releveant content. If you try and reply, have a back and forth discussion, all this content will be added to the page, and only make it easier to find. You need to hide it out of view.

One negative review has the potential to show in search engines and across many websites forever unless you start reputation management.

So How Do You Remove Negative Business Reviews Online?

Contact us today and we will create new websites, articles, blogs and social profiles full of positive and unique information about your business. We then optimise this content to rank at the top of Google and other search engines. Soon enough you own all the results on the first page and this pushes negative reviews down to page 2 and below, out of view.

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How do I Remove Bad Reviews Online?

If someone says negative things about you on the internet it can be very hurtful. It can also damage your reputation and harm your image. Whether you are a business or an individual that has bad reviews online we can help.

When you first see a bad review online the first response is to write something back or try to get it removed. Writing back usually fans the flames and it is very hard to get the writer or the website to remove the comments.

So how do you remove these bad reviews?

holly-review-removalWe specialise in reputation management. This means that when people type in the words that are bringing up the websites that you want removing, everything they see is positive and useful information. We create websites, blogs, articles, and social profiles and optimise them to appear right at the top of Google and other search engines. We then take control of every result on the first page.

This then becomes a tool to promote your business or profile. We can write testimonials, special offers, company news articles… whatever helps to promote the image that you want to achieve.

Many of our clients had undeserved negative reviews, so we balanced them out with many positive reviews and unbiased information about the company. By linking these new websites and social profiles together we build a promotional network that protects your online image. Think of it as digital PR.

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