How do I Remove Bad Reviews Online?

If someone says negative things about you on the internet it can be very hurtful. It can also damage your reputation and harm your image. Whether you are a business or an individual that has bad reviews online we can help.

When you first see a bad review online the first response is to write something back or try to get it removed. Writing back usually fans the flames and it is very hard to get the writer or the website to remove the comments.

So how do you remove these bad reviews?

holly-review-removalWe specialise in reputation management. This means that when people type in the words that are bringing up the websites that you want removing, everything they see is positive and useful information. We create websites, blogs, articles, and social profiles and optimise them to appear right at the top of Google and other search engines. We then take control of every result on the first page.

This then becomes a tool to promote your business or profile. We can write testimonials, special offers, company news articles… whatever helps to promote the image that you want to achieve.

Many of our clients had undeserved negative reviews, so we balanced them out with many positive reviews and unbiased information about the company. By linking these new websites and social profiles together we build a promotional network that protects your online image. Think of it as digital PR.

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